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10 Best Side Earning Options You Can Do Online From Home This Year

10 Best Side Earning Options You Can Do Online From Home This Year

Want to make some extra cash, but not at the expense of leaving home sweet home? Want to work flexibly following your schedule? Or Want to earn some extra to buy that product you have been keeping your eye on? Or do you want to make some side money while still working at your full-time job? Want to work whenever and wherever you want? It is an unpopular notion that the world is filled with small-time jobs and different ways to earn money which doesn’t require much time or additional training.

Here are 10 different side gigs you can do from home, that require little to no extra training and can be performed at flexible hours:

1. Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is one of the most convenient ways to make money out of an already existing skill of yours. Be it a programming language, dance lessons, painting, a new language, elementary education for kids, creative writing, or even making travel itineraries, the web contains numerous platforms in which you can teach online both in the form of video lectures, written, audio versions, or teaching in real-time.

Platforms like Udemy let you upload video lectures on a particular skill set you possess. In this way, not only you make extra money, but you also provide valuable content to the world.

Youtube, is one of the most sought after platforms to teach online and make money without much fuss or complications. Other websites include Tutorme, Teachable, and Tutor which provide you with a healthy side income in exchange for your lessons.

2. Transcriber

Have sound listening skills and a good typing speed? Then transcription is one of the most suitable side gigs for you. This particular job requires little to no prior experience of transcribing and one can devote as much time they want and can choose the working hours. For a person with an uncompromising existing schedule, the flexibility of this job comes to play a significant role.

3. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most popular ways and effective ways for a side hustle. Blogging doesn’t follow any hard and fast rules of how it should be done. It completely depends on what you want it to be. Even though immediate money is quite difficult to attain, but with consistency in posting without compromising the quality of the content, this hustle has claimed to return a substantial amount of capital. Blogs are one of the prime sources an average normal being looks up to gain information about a particular thing. Travel, beauty, technology, electronics, product reviews and many more; blogging has numerous topics to choose from.

Wordpress, Wix are some of the websites which provide you with free templates to create your blogging website. Other websites include Tumblr, Medium, Squarespace and many more.

4. Selling Your Stuff

What if I told you that you can make extra money, from the stuff you own right now. Interesting. Isn’t it? We are often unaware of the fact that most of us possess so many products that are in good condition but are no longer useful to us. There is a low-key hoarder inside all of us we need to eradicate. Selling your stuff online or offline not only makes extra space in your home but also gives the buyer a sigh of relief from buying new things that he/she can easily get at a lesser cost.

If you have a home full of unnecessary furniture, clothes, shoes, electronics, or even books you can sell those on various online platforms to the ones who need it.

Amazon, eBay, OLX, Quickr, Poshmark, Lysant are some of the online platforms to sell your stuff, which accounts for a great side hustle.

10 Best Side Earning Options You Can Do Online From Home This Year

5. Taking Surveys

Taking online surveys and sharing your opinion is one of the easiest and quickest ways to earn some extra income. It doesn’t guarantee a heavy chunk of money, but the work is quite evident for the amount of money it promises. Along with extra cash, the surveys are also likely to provide you vouchers, offers, gift cards, and other provisions.

Some of the paid online surveys include Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, Global Test Market, Opinion Outpost.

6. Website Testing

The term may seem a little haunting, but let me clarify that this gig requires no technical expertise with respect to websites. When a website is expected to be launched, it is first checked whether it is user-friendly or not. These websites pay you to browse through their site, visit the pages and check for glitches, bugs, check if it is eligible to be accepted by an average human and provide relevant feedback.

The websites which provide jobs for website testing include UserTesting, UserFeel, WhatUsersDo, TryMyUl.

7. Renting Out Stuff

Got a vehicle in good condition but don’t use it as much? Got a spare room or a backyard? How would you feel if I told you, that you can make money out of these commodities while owning them at the same time? Surprised, right? You can earn a handsome amount of passive income just by renting out your belongings. There are websites that increase the productivity of some commodities by establishing a direct and safe connection between the renter and the rentee.

The websites which facilitate renting rooms or spaces include Airbnb, Flipkey, ForRent, CraigsList.

The websites which help in renting out vehicles include zoomcar, Turo, GoAround.

8. Social Media Management

When businesses or personalities grow popular in social media, it gets quite difficult for them to manage, promote their work, post or reply to the followers due to lack of experience, time constraints or due to lack of assistance. That is when they hire people who can collectively manage their social media accounts on different websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Reddit. If you are quite active and have a fair amount of knowledge about any social media websites and with respect to the context one requires, budding websites and businesses would pay you a fair amount of capital in exchange for your services, which makes it to the list of one of the most popular side hustles.

9. Freelance Writing

Freelancing has turned out to be one of the most flexible side gigs in the current world. Gigs starting from finance to music, almost every kind of freelance job is available on the web. Not only you get to choose your job but you can also make sure these side hustles don’t clash with your regular schedule. I have known a lot of people who have been involved in freelancing for many years and earn a substantial amount from all the freelance gigs.

Such a variety of gigs, not only provide you with the extra income but also fill you up with professional experience and connections.

The websites which provide freelance jobs include Freelancer, Upwork, Indeed, FlexJobs, SolidGigs.

10. Micro Gigs

Micro Jobs is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money by performing really convenient tasks. If you are in search of fast money, Micro Jobs are the ones to consider. Even though they may not promise you enormous loads of money, but the tasks are so easy and fast (some take just a few minutes), that one can accumulate a substantial amount of money by completing multiple micro-jobs. URL searches, Labeling, Running Errands, Sorting Emails are some of the micro-jobs the world has to offer.

The websites which provide micro-jobs include Fiverr, GigBucks, Truelancer, Guru, Amazon Mechanical Trunk.

These are some of the legitimate ways in which you can earn money just by sitting at home, sipping coffee. There are thousands of people in the world who have taken side gigs as a permanent source of income and are doing well as well. These independent gigs not only help with our small-time needs but also aware us of the variety of skills and knowledge the world has to offer.



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