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8 Simple Strategies You Wish You Knew Before Choosing Your Career

"Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?" - Garth Nix

Many of us get into the wrong career stream, without much discussion and debate which is governed by so many factors including peer pressure, family pressure, societal convenience, etc. This decision leads many to chronic repercussions that leave us with nothing but regrets and 'what ifs'.

To avoid these consequences, there are certain rules we need to abide by before choosing a career.

1. Know Your Interests

Remember the times when we used to dream about becoming astronauts, scientists and later laughing on those dreams during teenage? Well, those dreams are nothing to laugh about.

If you are actually interested and passionate about a particular field, then no one can stop you from taking credits for that. You just need to put in the effort and have some patience.

As Heath Ledger's character Joker from the movie Dark Knight says,

"If you are good at something, never do it for free"

With a little modification, I say you,

" If you are really good at something, eventually you won't do it for free"

2. Research, Research, and Research

Still, confused about your interest?

Use the internet!!!

With the increase in the variety of fields and thousands of articles surfing through the internet about the different career choices the world provides, all you need to do is, have patience, explore the fields and choose the fields of work that interest you the most. In the flow, also keep into account the skills you need to work on to get into those fields.

3. Keep NO Prejudices

The one thing which we all are guilty of at some point of time while choosing a career is having preconceived notions about many career streams. The discarding or accepting of a career is highly influenced by what other people perceive from that career, which leads to the next rule which is

4. Accept that Opinions are Subjective

If one person doesn't like dogs in general, that doesn't mean all dogs are bad.

Humans tend to shower personal opinions on matters which require individualism, be it your friends, parents or your extended family. Before believing what people say, check if you genuinely want to get into a particular field, or if it is just a way to discard or take the career based on public opinion.

When it comes to career, being Autocratic of one's choices is more profitable than being democratic.

5. Consult with Relevant External Advice

The internet has stacked many informative websites that help you communicate with the already working professionals in your dream field of work like LinkedIn, Meet up, Xing, etc. Use this opportunity to your advantage to gain some insights into the world you want to work in.

Always remember to differentiate between opinions and facts.

6. Travel and Communicate More

Sometimes, even the internet cannot provide us with the raw content and career options in the world. That is why traveling and exploring different regions introduces us to so many more options of career, we didn't even know existed.

Traveling and talking to people provides us with a better outlook towards the real world, how it works, and at times also gives rise to the invention of new career opportunities.

7. Be Flexible and Keep Back-ups

No matter how much we strive towards our goals and be stubborn concerning our ideologies, the world is such that tables can turn anytime without a sign. It is much better to keep back-ups or sources of passive income in worst-case scenarios.

During the low points in our career, these back-ups act as an aid and give us time to analyze the situation clearly and decide rationally about the future.

Last but not least

8. Take Ample Time to Decide

One of the most common mistakes people commit while choosing a career for themselves is that they rush into things.

Many a time, wrong career choices are made when a person is in the extreme level of emotion.

Well, it is not a rom-com where, in the end, everything falls back to place. In real life, the decisions you make now are going to affect you for a long period. This is where you use your time to the full extent and choose the best you deserve.



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