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8 Highest Paying Jobs for Any Graduates Straight After Passing Out Of College

8 Highest Paying Jobs for Any Graduates Straight After Passing Out Of College

It is a common notion among people that fresh graduates need to work their way up for decent pay, but it is an unpopular fact that salaries for jobs vary according to the career streams and even college graduates who are equipped with just the right skills have high potential to get into some of the highest paying jobs without prior job experience.

So, here are 8 highest paying jobs for graduates straight out of college:

1. Financial Analyst

If you are good with numbers and have the skills to make productive financial recommendations for a company, then opting for the position of a financial analyst can be your thing. Financial analysts are essentially required to create financial models that can predict the result of business decisions. They are also required to advise companies on where to invest their money for an overall profit. Even though the highest salaries are for the experienced, but with the right amount of training and skills fresh graduates can save them save a position with handsome pay.

Average salary: Rupees 8 Lakhs/annum.

2. Data Scientist

The field of data science is one of the most rapidly growing and highest-paying jobs in the world. Some of the duties of a data scientist include analyzing data to identify patterns and trends, applying models and algorithms for data mining. The income expected highly depends on the number of skills you acquire and how productive you are in applying those skills for maximum productivity. Programming, statistics and machine learning are the basic skills required for a data scientist.

Average salary: Rupees 11.5 Lakhs/annum.

3. Full-Stack Web Developer

There is a high demand for full-stack web developers in today’s market. If you acquire the skills required for a full stack developer, then it will work wonders. A full-stack developer is expected to work on both front-end and back-end web development. The fresher must be comfortable in skills including HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Database, Data Structures, Algorithms, etc.

Average salary: Rupees 8 Lakhs/annum.

4. Chartered Accountant

If you are good at handling the finances of a company, then chartered accountancy has some major prospects for you. A chartered accountant is expected to give advice and report about financial records, taxes, business recovery, accounting procedures, manage budgets, undertake financial auditing, etc. This field is equipped with great prospects and high earning potential.

Average salary: Rupees 8-30 Lakhs/annum.

5. Investment Banker

Investment banking is known to be one of the most prestigious professions and is highly looked upon. The salary figures are high, and therefore these jobs demand a well-handled mind, which is comfortable in taking high levels of stress and long working hours, managing time and keeping a stable tone throughout. This job demands high levels of productivity from every employee. The duties include managing transactions, researching for progressive prospects for the company, performing business analysis and a lot more.

Average salary: Rupees 10-25 Lakhs/annum.

6. Actuarial Analyst

This job might sound new to many of you but many are unaware of the amazing career prospects actuary science holds. An actuary is someone who quantifies and predicts impending risks. An actual analyst is required to solve problems and deal with tonnes of numbers. They use statistical models, financial concepts, probabilities and analyze data to calculate the risks which might come by taking certain financial decisions.

Average salary: Rupees 8 Lakhs/annum.

7. Nuclear Engineer

Nuclear engineers are involved in research and development of the processes that will be used to derive benefits from nuclear energy. The term nuclear engineer disperses to various other categories of engineers who in their respective fields are involved in research, designing, building and running of nuclear power stations. One needs to be a certified graduate in the field of nuclear energy and must know the concept behind the working of nuclear facilities.

Average salary: Rupees 10 Lakhs/annum.

8. Management Consultant

Management consultants are hired to increase the overall efficiency of a company. They are required to develop productive strategies, improve the financial health of their client organizations or companies. They analyze the root causes of problems that are taking place in the company and provide solutions to counter the same. A fresh graduate with the right amount of skills can avail of this opportunity if he/she satisfies all the required qualities.

Average salary: Rupees 8 Lakhs/annum.



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