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This is on behalf of 3 people including me. You come to our odc just around 4:30pm and go to the corner of our ODC, sit there and work on a PC for 30 min, then go away. You have been coming since last Tuesday. When you entered our ODC the first time, well, at least I was transfixed for a while. You have a different kind of charm on your face. Very expressive eyes. You just have a little unkempt hair and beard, but even with that you manage to look so charming. God knows, how gorgeous you'd look when you trim and are well-shaved. You wear an olive green jacket. I won't mention the project name of my ODC. But sir, 3 girls already had a crush on you the day you entered. If you are reading this, please mention your name in the comments section 😜 would love to go out for dinner!


How does a BU increase profits:
1. Never give a decent hike.
2. No need to recruit many.. If actual need is 10. Hire 5 and distribute the work among them.
3. Deduct from Incentives.

And voila!! recieve best performing BU award at the end of the year....

You dont need more clients to increase profits.. Those of you think that are fools..


"Aap chronology samajh lijiye....

1) Pehle aapke pucha jayega ""What extra have you done in the last year ?""

2) Fir aap list ginaoge.

3) Uske baad 2 ghante ke discussion ke baad, apko 5 mein 3.5 rating diya jayega.

4) Fir 2% hike milega April mein.

5) Fir apko onsite ka gajar diya jayega.

Fir kya aur...wo onsite kabhi nahi ayega... !!"


The people who are responsible for designing the ID cards, if you are seeing this post, can you please print the photo and name on both sides of the card? Most of the time the content side is flipped backwards when someone is wearing it. Due to this poor design it becomes very difficult to stalk beautiful girls. Last week a very pretty girl was standing in the lift and her card was flipped backwards. Also make the employee id in Bigger font please. everyone does not have perfect vision.


Trust me.....In my Team I have a collection of fools....fools who doesn't know how to create new users in MyComputer.... ...fools who restart the machine several times without noticing that the monitor is switched off.........fools who cant speak English but have been to onsite for years......If anyone has to see a collection of chutias......pls get in touch will ... show you in large numbers


I really want to know one thing why all employees wearing their I'd card from home to office.... wherever I look I found cognizant cognizant 😂😂 plss wear I'd card when u enter the office and that bag also


Some People in Kolkata need very basic soft skill training, they are very eager to board the lift (they don't even wait for people to empty it) and no hurry to go out, people from last row are first to go out and people from first row are last...

Two Urinals, two toilet seats
200+ people and some of them highly unmannered.
These guys doesn't even know how to pee, Its spread all around the urinals.
And after this some from the same community mess the toilet seats.
Hum ab jayen toh jayen kha??
Aur Facility toh awesome hai, kisi kaam ki nahi.

These "SOME" really need to learn some basic etiquette.

CANTEEN's food

Here the higher officials are supposed to be taken as invisible creatures. These exists but they are not.
They bring food from home, so nobody cares what the hell is being served at the canteen.

I guess they don't use office toilet or these are the one who mess it. Nahi toh they must have taken some serious action till now.

Doesn't give the feel like working with IBM...


First of all let me clear it that I am not against any state or language .

In my project in E** location (working in client location ) for an investment banking domain support project (G* account ) there's a lot of discrimination against other language or region people.

My team lead is Tamil and he favours only Tamil people in team .My lead scolds us and talk harshly to us.(especially north Indian folks) Tamil folks form a group and bitch about us to our lead which I feel is completely against the corporate law.

We are working in corporate company . Please don't discriminate or be harsh on us just coz we speak in our native tongue Nd not Tamil.😭"


I'm so pissed at the two women who sit near my desk and shout to each other (across the bay) in their local language, disturbing everyone with their strong nasal slur! No basic manners or etiquette! Even a 10-year-old will know how to behave! Ugh!


"Hi guys,
It is a not a confession rather an attempt to spread awareness.
Today while going out for lunch to our ""TAPRI"" (outside Pune GDC ) i was just having a casual chat with a friend and complaining about the scorching heat, when i saw a woman attendant of the security/cleanliness department handpicking the cigarette stubs that we litter around knowingly or unknowingly and there were hundreds of them . It made me realize how small we are and life is so unfair to some people. Please it is a request to all the people who smoke outside . If you have to throw the stubs throw it in the dustbin itself , now they have got dustbins also over there , why to let some other person suffer, when we can help them by just a small step.. "

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