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Top Social Topics for GD

  • The education system needs some radical reforms

  • The decay of our culture

  • Influence of online social networks on our youth/Social networking on the internet is a boon

  • Individual freedom versus societal civilities

  • Violence and bloodshed should not be screened on TV and the big screen

  • Women are not competent tor defence services

  • Smoking needs to be banned completely

  • Marriage is a social ploy

  • English should be made the official language

  • The older generation is less practical than the younger one

  • Joint family - a blessing in disguise

  • Parents can never understand children

  • Capital punishment can never be a solution; even for the most heinous crimes

  • The Indian youth is becoming greedier by the day

  • Who is to be blamed for eve-teasing - the boys or the girls

  • Gen X is a powerful guide for the current generation

  • Education fails to teach us teamwork

  • We shine abroad but need the "danda" to perform in our own Country

  • When will we get rid Of the "chalta ha" attitude

  • Traffic is a growing trouble

  • The political class is the new royalty

  • We need an attitudinal reconstruction toward women

  • Beyond middle class is there still a struggle for "roti, kapda and makaan"


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