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Top Educational Topics for GD

  • The Examination - has it killed education?

  • Do we really need education to be successful?

  • E-learning: a substitute for classroom learning?

  • Is reservation in higher education only alternative for social equality?

  • How effective are Indian B-schools?

  • B-schools should aim at creating entrepreneurs.

  • An increasing number of engineering colleges is a boon to society.

  • The education system in India — should we change the present system of education?

  • Indian universities vs foreign universities

  • A room without books is like a body without a soul

  • Do Educated Indians lack national commitment?

  • The education industry is a business these days?

  • Do computers result in unemployment?

  • Offbeat career vs conventional career

  • Practical knowledge vs theoretical knowledge

  • The present education system perpetuates inequality

  • Reading beyond the textbook is important

  • Competition right from childhood — is it good or bad?


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