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Top General Topics for GD

  • What is the societal utility of sting operations?

  • Brain drain needs to be reversed

  • Flexible timings versus fixed timings

  • Can a paperless education workplace be a reality?

  • Animals testing for new drugs and medical procedures - why or why not?

  • Advertisements aim to fool and should be banned

  • Do peace and non-violence belong to the 21st century?

  • Lite skills should be made a compulsory part of education

  • Winning is not an important thing; it is the only thing

  • The test of success is not an ability to eliminate the problem before it exists, but to meet and resolve it whenever it arises

  • A man with words and no deeds is like a garden full of weeds

  • A closed mouth catches no flies

  • Physically unfit policemen should be suspended

  • Better to be born rich or lucky?

  • Patience a bitter plant which bears sweet fruits

  • Mobile phones today-no escape

  • Cursing the weather is bad farming

  • Facebook only meant to be a time pass

  • Wisdom hears no relation with age

  • Criticism is always better

  • Beauty contests do little to emancipate women

  • A lite beyond 50 is a happier life

  • Hypocrisy is a prerequisite to survive in today's world

  • The five senses cannot be enjoyed without the sixth one - money

  • Money is sweeter than honey

  • The ends cannot justify the means

  • The way to heaven leads through hell

  • To be human is to be born selfish

  • Efficiency and corruption are two sides of the same coin

  • Ifs and buts cannot lead us to our goals

  • Wisdom does not check the age

  • Internet is a world of copycats

  • Money alone can 't make you rich

  • Hungry people in a grain-rich India

  • When will we move beyond an Indo-Pak cricket match?

  • Old people need more empathy

  • Hope is good if backed with hard work

  • How civilized society are we?

  • Juvenile criminals should be treated at par with the adult ones


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