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Important Points to Remeber during a GD

  • Be yourself. If you will to imitate someone else or try to be something which you are normally not, the hollowness of that will be apparent and only leave a bad taste in the mouth of your assessors.

  • Let others speak. Encourage the non-participants to step up and voice what they think about the topic at hand. This is always seen as a sign of inclusive leadership and also earns you respect from fellow participants.

  • Remember, it is just a discussion. It is not a seminar. and certainly not a debate or worst, an argument. It involves a free-flowing exchange of ideas among the participants to broaden their perspectives and of the group at large.

  • Maintain good body posture. Keep your back straight and shoulders open. Relax your lower back slightly or you might look too uptight. Keep your hands in your lap or on the table.

  • Always address the entire group while articulating your views. Avoid one-to-one conversations or singling out someone for ignoring or paying too much attention. Spread your energy across the group.

  • Put up your best behaviour replete with politeness, positivism and confidence. Do the right things and let not the group's or particular participant's attitude slip down in your conduct.

  • Try to use gestures while voicing your point. They add expression to your persona and convey the confidence of a good orator. Keep the gestures controlled and subtle; wild hand waving or point, in your face ones will chop off your points drastically.

  • If the moderator has asked anybody to summarize the GD then do not add any more points. This means the GD has come to the end.


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