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How to Analyse & Think on the Given Topic during GD

More often than not, once you get the topic for the GD, you will be given a time span of 2 to 4 minutes to gather your thoughts and prepare for a fruitful discussion. During this time, one should write down the various points or the facts and any data that he or she can present.

Following are some quick, easy-to-use techniques to generate systematic, holistic ideas:

SPELT: Social. Political, Economic, Legal, Technology

Examine the given topic from each of these aspects and present them accordingly. Think about how these areas will be affected or how these areas play a role in the given topic. This will help you bring out viewpoints which others might overlook and will also convey a holistic mindset of yours.

KWA: Key Word Analysis

When you cannot think of things to say, analyze the words in the topic to identify the key idea within them and then build up from there.

For example:

Wildlife: The diminishing wild and the diminishing life. Start analyzing the word in this topic.

Wildlife: It refers to the life of the forest or the living things in the forest like the different species of animals, ecosystems, trees. plants. etc.

Diminishing Wild: The forest is diminishing. We are cutting down the trees and various species of plants are on the verge of being extinct. Also, wild animals are now being kept in the zoo. Due to this, they are losing their basic animal instincts.

Diminishing Life: The animal population is reducing with the decreasing forest area at a fast pace. We have already lost a few species and many are on the verge of extinction.

The loss in forest area is also negatively affecting our lives. The ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide is steadily moving towards unhealthy levels. The weather is becoming extreme and is adversely affecting different aspects of our lives.

VAP: Viewpoint of Affected Parties

Think about the people who will be affected by this. Understand how the given topic influences and directs these 'parties' existence and actions and speak from their point of view.

For example, Opening up massive FDI in agriculture. The affected parties will be the farmers, agro-based industries, the commerce ministry, RBI, Rural development ministry, etc.


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