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Admirable/Unlikable Roles to Play & Avoid in a GD

To an extent. a GD is like a staged drama. isn't it? There is a start. middle, climax and then it comes to an end. People with various attitudes and emotions are involved. and just like a drama, each one adopts a role during the discussion. But unlike a drama, most do not and should not stick to one chosen role and switch during the discussion as and how the situation demands. Then there are some situations that need to be avoided and are a big no-no,

Roles to Portray


Initiating a topic shows you are a leader and a confident one. You always get marks for initiating a topic; unless the point made lacks quality and depth.

Mr Brains

He is the person who brings in a lot of matter and comes up with wide interpretations of the topic. He keeps fueling up the discussion with new ideas and new dimensions.


His role is to maintain order in the group. He directs the group process and controls the entry and exit of participants. He is crucial for meeting time commitments made to the panel, in ensuring consensus in group discussions.


He does a great service to the group by enhancing the quality of content by not allowing the group to get carried with tangential ideas or letting anybody run away by saying anything, He is most welcome in a group, which has one or two aggressive elements in it. (A Piece of caution here is not to cut down on every point and not let the discussion flow in any direction.)

Roles to Avoid


He keeps cracking jokes, especially the silly ones.


Do not try to create unnecessary humour. While an attempt to lighten things is always appreciated, but overdoing it can ruin whatever chances you might have.


He is the Mr India of the group. Nobody even notices that he is there. He is lost in a

world of his own.


Do not sit there ideally; you are a participant, not an audience.


He acts as if he owns the group. He shouts at people, makes fun of them and is in constant need of spotlight.


Do not try to overpower anybody or put down anybody or be the only one who's speaking. Control your aggression and be calm so that the others too may have a chance to speak.

Show off

He thinks of himself as a superstar, shows off as if he is "know it all".


Do not act as if you are the only one in the room who has the knowledge and everyone else is a fool. It is a sign of great disrespect to the group participants and conveys unwanted arrogance.


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