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6 Worst Topics to Avoid Discussing at Work Place to have a Better Professional Life

6 Worst Topics to Avoid Discussing at Work Place to have a Better Professional Life

On an average working day, we spend about 8 - 9 Hours in our workplace surrounded by colleagues. While many of us may be acquainted and open with our colleagues, there are still some issues that are better left out of the discussion to avoid conflicts and controversies in the working environment.

Here are the 6 worst topics you definitely should avoid discussing at the workplace:


It may seem only normal to discuss your objectives and the dream company with your colleagues, but there is always a chance for this discussion to be used against you.

First of all, it gives your employer a chance to re-think his/her decision over hiring you. The employer now did not hire you knowing that you might switch companies later for your benefit, right?

Therefore, it is better to keep some thoughts to yourself.

Second of all, let's be honest. Every co-worker isn't your friend or a really caring acquaintance. Some might desire for your position as well. It won't be a surprise if these people take the risk of telling your career aspirations to others, and especially your boss. So, it is better to not give those people a chance in the first place.


A religious discussion is highly unprofessional and it doesn't matter how well you know your fellow colleagues when it comes to discussing religions and religious beliefs, there is a high chance it will lead to conflicts as a result of the difference in opinions.

Such controversial topics usually lead people to question the validity of each other's beliefs and leaves mental scars and grudges which are very hard to combat. So, a big NO-NO on religious matters.



Many people are under the wrong impression that gossiping against a particular person( most likely your boss) with your co-workers leads to developing stronger connections. Well, in reality, it is as similar to hitting one's own foot against the axe.

Not only does this fill your mind and those of others with negativity, but this may also lead to many resenting you and later using this negative information against you. It is better to not gossip at all instead of selective gossiping. Stay on the safe side.

6 Worst Topics to Avoid Discussing at Work Place to have a Better Professional Life


POLITICS! A highly tempting topic to discuss and one of the most dangerous topics that can disrupt healthy working relationships.

It is a rare occasion where the political views of two or more people coincide. And when it doesn't it always leads to proving each other wrong and an unsuccessful attempt in changing each other's mindset.

In the end, nothing changes except the equation of that person with you. Therefore, avoid such topics that won't add to any productivity to your life.


Jokes are a nice and convenient way to break the ice among colleagues for some laughs, as long as those are in the limits of admiration. Some people tend to crack jokes that are racist or sexist or ageist or weightist in the bid of categorized as the "funny one".

These offensive jokes not only degrade the quality of your personality in front of others but also may directly hurt the sentiments of some.


Don't discuss what you make nor ask your co-workers how much they do. People usually don't take it easy and get really self-conscious when it comes to salaries. The word itself involuntarily raises the matters of comparisons and worthiness in our head.

And it might also create a low-key resentment towards some people who are not perceived by some people as deserving of their salaries.

There is no restraint in having open conversations and sharing of ideas with your co-workers, but these are some of the prime topics that should be completely avoided to have healthy working relationships and positive energy in the working environment. Apart from these topics, there are tonnes of other issues that need to be discussed for a better outlook towards the world and that will add value to your life. Look out for those.



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