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What to Carry for the Interview

Part Of being prepared for an interview is taking the complete, correct documents and other 'props' with you. Items which you should consider include the following:

  • A professional-style leather folder. This will give you some space to put your necessary documents (resume, certificates, reference sheet, any completed application materials, etc.), business cards and other things required to be brought by you or which the organization provides on the interview day.

  • A nice notepad coupled with a good pen, inside the folder. The notepad inside will allow you to write down questions before the interview to ask the interviewer, write down answers to questions you ask and jot down the observations made during the day and pointers to the information you have collected about the organization.

  • If required and possible, carry your portfolio of practical/creative work that demonstrates your sustained and developing interest and motivation for the concerned field of study/work or performance pieces (audio, video, live performance).

  • You might also consider a small purse/pouch for bare essentials, some mints and loose change for the parking garage or public transport, as the case may be.

  • Avoid carrying a backpack or a bulky tote as this does not lend to a professional, organized impression which you need. Minute details like these make an impressive difference.



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