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Puzzle #24: Riding Against the Wind Puzzle | Infosys

A horse rider went a mile in 5 minutes with the wind and returned in 7 minutes against the wind. How fast could he ride a mile if there was no wind?

Puzzle Solution:

Most of us will proceed like that if a rider goes a mile in 2 minutes with the wind, and returns against the wind in 3 minutes, that 2 and 3 equal 5, should give a correct average, so that time is taken should be two and half minutes. We find this answer to be incorrect because the wind has helped him for only 2 minutes, while it has worked adversely for 3 minutes.

If he could ride a mile in 2 minutes with the wind, it is clear that he could go a 1.5 mile 3 minutes, and 1 mile in 3 minutes against the wind.

Therefore 2.5 miles in 6 minutes gives his actual speed because the wind helped him just as much as it has retarded him, so his actual speed for a single mile without any wind would be (2.5)/6 = 5/12 miles/sec.



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