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Selection Process & Important topics to be Prepared

No. Of Sections:



Negative Marking:



Sectional Cut Off:



Selection Process:

Resume Shortlisting

Coding Test (3 Hours 1 Question)

  • There is a single problem statement which involves concepts like Backtracking(recursion), Graphs(Traversal, Coloring, etc).
  • There are generally 50 test cases or more (in my case there were 100), all of which have to be passed in order to get selected.
  • The Stack size and Heap size are limited. Try to eliminate duplicate cases during backtracking and number of variables used. Design your solution keeping these things in mind.
  • The number of submissions allowed is capped to 10 but you can run test cases any number of times even with your own test cases.
  • Only C/CPP/JAVA languages allowed.

Technical & HR interview


Important Topics to be Prepared:

  1. C

  2. C++

  3. Data Structure

  4. OS (Operating System)

  5. Sorting

  6. Time Complexities

  7. Error Finding in the Given Program

  8. Heap Definition

  9. C++ Terminologies (over riding/overloading ques)

  10. Para Jumbles

  11. Antonyms

  12. Synonyms

  13. Sentence Corrections

  14. Profit & Loss

  15. Partnership

  16. Boats & Streams

  17. Ratio Proportion

  18. Probability

  19. Permutation & Combination

  20. Problems on Ages

  21. Time & Work

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