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Top 10 Career After B.Tech: What am I going to do after B.Tech?

“What am I going to do after B.Tech?”, is a very common question that comes to every engineer with the approaching of end semesters. Every individual has a different plan and aspirations, so select a career accordingly and carefully. Sometimes we find it difficult to choose what we want further or what suits us well. It is common to have such doubt and non-clearance. But mainly it is because of the unawareness of the career opportunities available. Coffee With Codes has compiled 10 options that you can follow. Go through it, choose whatever excites you, then go for in-depth research on it and get going in full swing.

1. Campus Placement

This is the best option available to B.Tech students if they do not have any further plans for higher studies or confused and unsure of their liking. Apply for the companies coming to your college but try to stick to the domain you love. There will be more IT opportunities coming for every domain than core companies. But if you are interested in the core company, then prepare well for it and opt for core companies. People think it is easy to crack IT companies, but the increasing demand and job opportunities are making it a myth. So, whatever field interests you go for it and prepare to leave a mark on it. Core companies will offer a lesser package, but it will surely increase in the long run. Startups are a great place to start your career as there you can learn more and also if your percentage is less for MNC’s then you can opt for startups as eligibility criteria there will be nominal.

2. Further Studies: M.Tech

Further studies are another option available for you to choose after B.Tech. allows you to select your field and excel in it. To do from the esteem colleges, IITs, NITs and CFTIs, the student have to qualify an Entrance examination G.A.T.E. (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering). This is an annual test that gets a seat in these top-notch engineering colleges. Private University also offers its Engineering Entrance Examination for postgraduate. It is a common myth that you have to do postgraduate in the same domain as you have done but M.Tech is all about specialization. So an Electrical Engineering student can also pursue a specialization in the CS stream but if you wish to get for teaching as a profession, there will be an issue of cross major. But, always follow what you want to learn because that will make you a far long way.

3. Further Studies: MBA

It is another opportunity you may opt for after If you feel that engineering was not the right direction for you and you are better off into management, then you can pursue MBA (Master’s in Business Administration). Many potential candidates and some esteemed colleges believe to have a minimum of 2year experience before opting for MBA as work experience exposes you to better understanding management. Some well-known specializations are HR, Marketing, Digital Marketing, International Relations, and Sales. Common Aptitude Test (CAT) is the entrance to qualify for securing a seat in IIMs and other leading institutes. Some other examinations like XAT (Xavier’s), NMAT, SNAP, CMAT, TISS, IRMA are also for studying MBA.

4. Abroad

If you want to go for further studies but with better facilities and exposure to a new culture and place, then studying abroad is the best choice you can have. Studying abroad also comes with expensive course fees and other expenses. But you can choose various fellowships in the research and development category available abroad. Many scholarships are bearing full or partial study expenses. Try to research properly the country that you should choose and apply for all the scholarship there. For admission, you sit for examination like IELTS, GRE, TOEFL and many more...

5. Diploma Courses

If you are not ready for another full-time commitment, then you can go for diploma courses. This will add an added advantage to your resume. It is useful for students who want to get into a job early in a particular domain. There are some courses such as Robotics, Ethical Hacking, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Design, VLSI and more which can be useful for applying job giving an edge with other students.

6. Civil Service

This is one of the toughest examinations of our country that comes with huge responsibility and attractive salary and perks. It is open for all the graduates, but we see it crowded with engineers because of its opportunity and perks. You will face a huge competition in this field, but your hardworking and motivation will surely take you through it.

7. Government Job

This is one choice that you should want a salary and security at the same time. There are various competitive examinations like IES and even through GATE. You can also opt for jobs eligible for all graduates like CHSL, Bank Po, and many more than cracking them will be comparatively easy than IES. But again make your choice accordingly. Though the job comes with security and salary, also understands that you are getting a responsibility toward your nation.

8. Entrepreneurship

Starting off your own business is always a great option available with being able to become your boss. However, it is not as smooth as it seems. It comes with a lot of responsibilities and failure. There are many difficulties and a lot of challenges. But if you have a dream and can go any further for it, then it is the best decision for you. There will be so many difficulties, but nothing can stop you to reach the destiny that you have set for yourself.

9. Serve your country:

If you have ever dreamt of protecting your nation and have been patriotic, then join the Indian Army/Navy/Air Force or any other wing. There are certain ways after such as AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test), TGC (TGC–Technical Graduate Course), SSC- Technical, CDS Exam and many more.

10. Follow your dream

If nothing in it excites you, then you should follow your heart. It can be anything from helping people by starting an NGO, the dream of dancing, singing, painting or any talent that you have or pursuing a new career.

Always remember age is just a number that can never decide your potential and time to start things. Learn to choose things you love because choosing something that interests others or where others are successful cannot define your success. Choose your path and walk to it no matter what it takes. I hope this article helped you to decide your choices. If it still confuses you, contact us.

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Billi Jean
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