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Intentions of Companies behind Conducting GD Rounds?

GD's have an integral part in the selection processes for jobs as well as various entrance exams. The fundamental reason is that it assesses a candidate in a group situation, which he/she will be very commonly found in during their employment in any kind of organization. Another motivation is that one can judge a large number of candidates, in a very short span of time, and on a wide range of parameters; thus easing the process for the recruiters. Some of the criteria that the selectors/moderators are typically able to assess are as follows:

Knowledge Base

This is directly related to how aware and up-to-date you are. You need to read regularly and renew your knowledge bank about various domains and trends. A person with a strong knowledge base conveys a thirst for learning and a mind that can grasp different and complex concepts.


It is much easier to consume page after page of subject-wise knowledge, but to be able to absorb, process and synthesize all that one knows into ideas which reek of freshness, uniqueness and depth of thought, is a mark of a person who stands apart from the crowd.


In most of the companies, we need to work in a team. Hence the companies assess how you behave, contribute and participate in a group and whether you can create a balance between the group's objectives and your own and how do you deal with different types of people in varied situations.

Body Language

Body language refers to non-verbal communication. It supports Communication and empowers it. It may also contradict what your words are conveying and creating an uneasy impression on your listener This is the reason why your body language should be sync with what you are speaking.

Communication Skills

Good communication involves both verbal and the non-verbal forms and implies conveying your thoughts in a way that the listener understands them just the way the speaker intends to. The discussion usually takes place in the English language as it is considered the official language for all businesses. A certain comfort with the language and its articulation is required for the speaker to perform well in his/her job.


If the speaker is not confident about what he/she is saying, then nobody will believe it. Even a strong point will fail to have the intended impact. A confident person takes charge and leads the organization from the front.


Many people are able speakers, but not everyone can be as good a listener. It can provide a person with an edge over the others. It helps an individual to understand his/her client, supervisor and stakeholders, better than others and hence, deliver better too. Listening lies at the core of one 's interpersonal skills.

Logical Articulation

A right thing, but at the wrong time and in a wrong way, becomes wrong. Monitor the manner in which one desires to put his/her point forward. A sound, logical articulation is an indicator of the thought process being the same.

Time Management

Keeping a track of time is essential. At the workplace, there is always a deadline attached to any work assigned to an individual. A person is required to complete his task within proposed time-frame and with minimal errors.

Leadership Skills

Be it any organisation, government or private, small or big, the need for leaders is never fulfilled completely. These leaders are the ones who step up and take their colleagues along to greater heights in a way which leads to the fulfilment for the company as well as its people.

Creativity: Abstract GD tests an individual's creativity and out of the box thinking. It also allows an individual to stand apart from the others and shows not just his/her originality, but also the courage to stand behind it as well with conviction.


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